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This is a Viper Faction event open to Vipers & Allies, focussing on politics & intrigue with Italijans, investigating issues with Crotalus Nex caused by Mortis/Paragon and who knows what else!

The event will be held at:

Willesley Campsite, Willesley, Ashby-De-La-Zouch, Leicestershire, LE65 2UP

11 - 13th November 2016


We are embroiled in war within our own borders. A demon scourge threatens all of us if it goes unchecked. This cannot be allowed to happen. We have been busy raising armies to fight this very real threat, but still we need more. An opportunity to do that has come our way from Southern Italia. The families of the region, the seven prominent families that is, Avarizia, Il'Piacere, Bradipo, Orgoglio, Gollosita, Furia and Invidia, have asked us to parlay with them, to discuss the demonic threat and how to combat it. The King has asked us to attend, though we are to be wary and watchful. We are to talk to the families and secure their support in the fight against the demons.

The meeting will take place at Crotalus Nex, a place in Italia but outside the control of any of the families themselves. This gives us the opportunity to not only talk but to ensure that Crotalus Nex is still secure given the corruption Mortis is suffering. As negotiations continue, there may also be the chance to finalise the assembling of other armed forces. It is important that we get this right!

The meeting will be conducted under Italian House rules, by agreement with His Royal Highness. No weapons of war will be allowed within the meeting hall. Any one who openly carries a weapon will be asked to release it to the care of an appointed representative who will keep them all secured under lock. Remeber, this applies to weapons of war. Knives are useful tools for eating with. I STRONGLY suggest you equip yourselves with suitable cutlery!. In addition to all of this, the King has also indicated he may attend at some point to see if any of the Italian nobility would make a suitable wife. I would hope it goes without saying that if he is there you are all responsible for his well being.

So, go talk, get me an army or two, make sure you're not outmanouvered politically and remember your wits.

Stavros Eranti,
Lord Protector of Teutonia,
Ritualist (Retired)

People from far and near-away lands,

You may have heard that we Vipers and Teutonians have been having issues with demons – BLOODY WILD DEMONS – and we’ve been trying to raise new armies and forces to fight back. Like yourselves, the undead armies of Al’ Qafar destroyed almost all of our forces and now we’re having to go to lengths we may not have gone to previously, to rebuild.

We’re going to Crotalus Nex (home of dead kings and liches) a neutral zone in Italia, to meet with some powerful families of Italia, but they kinda have a reputation of being a bit gangster, so our King Wilhelm has asked us to go, but be careful. Crotalus Nex itself may also be a little dodge from the corruption that has affected Mortis – BLOODY PARAGON!

Now, the Italians have some funny rules of no weapons in their meetings. But a good rule of thumb is that knives are for eating, so like what Stavros says, come prepared for a feast with suitable amounts of cutlery. The King Wilhelm himself might also show up, so please treat him with a bit of respect and make sure he’s stays alive – He’s the only one we got.

We love having you come and help us, extending diplomatic arms and tentacles and all!

Hope to see you there,

Impquiessence Starcraft & Suladema Rea-Morda-Starcraft 
Grand Ambassadors

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OOC First NameOOC SurnameIC NameFactionBooking As
Louise Lee Fee VipersPlayer
carl frow Impberon Starcraft VipersPlayer
James Coulton Lucius VipersPlayer
Tom Harrison Mandu VipersPlayer
Andy Hayman The Botanist VipersPlayer
Thomas Carr Implareveroth VipersPlayer
Charlie Brett Meddik VipersPlayer
Becky Whaley Sully VipersPlayer
Ben Price Trip Hazard VipersPlayer
Zak Dodds Wengu Von Dorf VipersPlayer
Suze Ward Trude VipersPlayer
Tom Platts Kloooooos VipersPlayer
Richard Hornsby Durrin VipersPlayer
Rebecca Johnson Adala VipersPlayer
James Wade Ari VipersPlayer
Mark Southerd Some Guy VipersStaff
Douglas Fazzani Just Some Noob VipersMonster
Steve Nye Monde' VipersPlayer
Rose Southerd Atalanta JackalsPlayer
Marcus Stables Marcai von Dorf VipersPlayer
Jonathan Hutchins Stuka VipersPlayer
Jenny Lewis Creosa Cerebelli VipersPlayer
Olivia Skipper-Willmore Nyx VipersPlayer
Niamh Carey Lord Silver LionsMonster
Gemma Dale Si'ren VipersStaff
Harry Sutcliffe Culkin DragonsPlayer
Elizabeth Utting Avi GryphonsMonster
Jason Garfitt Verbrand VipersPlayer
Emily willmore Birch VipersPlayer
Andy McDonald Laszlo von Saponatheim JackalsMonster
Richard Mitchell Lord Pimpmobile GryphonsMonster
Gary Connell Mourganath of Mortis VipersPlayer
Scott Thayer some chump JackalsMonster
James Jones Bobbins Non-FactionPlayer
Matthew Roe Cornelius VipersPlayer
Donna Maudling Pidge VipersMonster
Simon Appleby Scooby Blu VipersPlayer
James Jackson Farron VipersPlayer
Adam Bailey Fred TarantulasPlayer
gareth shaw Big and Clever VipersPlayer
Andy Lowis Ibn JackalsMonster
Damian Knapp Frosty Starcraft VipersPlayer
Joe Sutton Unkle Shambles VipersPlayer
James Adey The Luckiest Gnome VipersPlayer
Billy Bamberger Hanz VipersMonster
Adam Lynch Gorazahr VipersPlayer
Lloyd Williamson Monster baddie Non-FactionMonster
Richard Brown Sahr VipersPlayer
Chris Hill Cade HartsPlayer
Ruth Bedder Stumpy DragonsPlayer
Damian Tier Drake HartsPlayer
Martin Ashton Shard JackalsMonster
Kerrie Ashton Turkish JackalsMonster
Nick Muir The healing hurricane DragonsPlayer
Ruth Keattch Josefina VipersPlayer
Matt Strange Dio VipersPlayer
Amy Whitworth Impquiessence VipersPlayer
Dave France Leorio VipersPlayer
Kate Sayers The Damsel VipersPlayer
Daniel Roberts Not Guilty VipersPlayer
Simon Power Gonzalez the Nacho Salesman TarantulasPlayer
Natasha kenworthy Autumn Valentine VipersPlayer
Andrew Sefton Magnus VipersPlayer
Kevin McLaughlin Douchebag VipersPlayer
Sam Ebrahim Tooky Tooky UnicornsMonster
John Keech Lurks At Dusk VipersPlayer
Julie Winterbourne Saskia VipersPlayer
james mellows Dunan VipersPlayer
Duncan McDonald Doombot 3000 UnicornsMonster
Charlotte Barratt The Appleseller VipersStaff
Jay Piercy Marco JackalsMonster
Alice Price Caitlyn VipersPlayer
Alex Trow Rurik VipersPlayer
Stephen Agg Woody VipersMonster
Kelly Jane Poole Keira na Morna DragonsPlayer
Steven Finch Carrion DragonsPlayer
Richard Bamforth Jogi Grimsson VipersMonster
Sarah-Jane Crompton-Howe Gloamer LionsMonster
Lottie Jackson Dizzy DragonsMonster
Alan Ashcroft Gunter Trackland VipersStaff
Kellie Ingram Sathana JackalsMonster
James Lock Xiphon VipersPlayer
Kelly Barker Tommy JackalsMonster
Mark Blain A monster guy VipersMonster
Louise Sears Pied piper VipersMonster
Dave Young Some Orc UnicornsMonster
Ash Thompson Honey Badger JackalsMonster
Adrian Waite Hakim Azam Abbas JackalsMonster
Scott Marshallsay Staff
Francesca Kilpatrick Monster
Eddy Hughes Monster
Richard Hayes Monster
David Shaw Staff
Tristan Jackson Staff
Steve Whittaker Staff
Kerry Barnett Monster
Tim Ludlow Monster
Jacob Roberts Staff
chris norman Monster
Sammi McSporran Monster
Michael Windsor-Smith Monster
Nicholas Turner Monster
Daniel Wild Monster
Robert Steele Monster
Giles Crompton-Howe Monster
Alex Klee Monster

9 Staff, 39 Monsters, 58 Players. (106 total)

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