Event Details - Das Kruger Geheimnisnacht

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Event will run from the 19th January 2019 at Donnington Park Farmhouse

Catering is included with the ticket cost as normal.

There is no camping on site, there is accomodation on site, whether there are any rooms left available is unknown.

The event will be sanctioned by the Lorien Trust, and will be played under the latest Lorien Trust rule set.

Please note, this in an over 18's event and may have some adult themes.

Any queries with booking, please don't hesitate to contact us @ viperplot@gmail.com

The people below have booked and paid for this event

OOC First NameOOC SurnameIC NameFactionBooking As
Marie Findlay Merilin Seregon VipersPlayer
jonathan barton Marcus Tepes VipersPlayer
Ben Price Trip Hazard VipersPlayer
James Wade Ari VipersPlayer
Mark Southerd Some Guy VipersStaff
Steve Nye Monde' VipersPlayer
Jonathan Hutchins Stuka VipersPlayer
Jenny Lewis Creosa Cerebelli VipersPlayer
Lee Henderson Wabi-Sabi VipersPlayer
Jason Garfitt Verbrand VipersPlayer
Gemma Finnigan Burnscar JackalsPlayer
Bryony Bull Tayther VipersPlayer
James Jackson Farron VipersPlayer
Jace Winter Kroe VipersPlayer
John Keech Lurks At Dusk VipersPlayer
Martin Evans Snowy McTaff VipersPlayer
Liam O'Dea Math VipersPlayer
Nick Swain Fynn VipersPlayer
Nathan Douglas Guderian VipersPlayer
Charlotte Barratt The Appleseller VipersPlayer
jacob mallinson hans bryder vonrentic VipersPlayer
Alex Trow Rurik VipersPlayer
Alexis Celnik The Beggar Prince BearsPlayer
Tom Fisher Konstantin Valanos VipersPlayer
Simon Yarwood Talks a lot VipersPlayer
Gemma Wingate-Bishop Demra VipersPlayer
Phil Clough Valgar VipersPlayer
Alan Ashcroft Gunter Trackland VipersStaff
Reuben Herman Grettir VipersPlayer
Justin Wilson Mathias Tepes VipersPlayer
Dave Mazzocchi-Jones Teddy B VipersPlayer
Rachel Cook Elde Tepes VipersPlayer
David Barnes Bad VipersPlayer
Matthew Guthrie Matthieus UnicornsPlayer
Martin Findlay Kalthorn VipersPlayer
Jo Pryor Stesha of Mortis VipersPlayer
Lucille Guthrie Saph Non-FactionPlayer
Laura Keech Dreams of Winter VipersPlayer
Louise Sears Pied piper VipersPlayer
Tim Lewis Stavros Eranti VipersPlayer
Dave Thompson The trickster VipersPlayer
Andrew Aleksiewicz Covfefe VipersPlayer
Anthony Davies Syrio VipersPlayer
Adrian Waite Hakim Azam Abbas JackalsPlayer
Jayne Rowley Uncia VipersPlayer

2 Staff, 43 Players. (45 total)

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