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A Lorien Trust sanctioned event for the Viper Faction and Allies to be held October 13-15th in Squirrel Wood Camp Site, Doncaster.

Catering by Pinman's Catering.

Please note, There are a limited amount of bunks on site, there will be 20 bunks for monsters. We do actively encourage IC camping for a more immersive and exciting event though!

The people below have booked and paid for this event

OOC First NameOOC SurnameIC NameFactionBooking As
Robert Walker some tree VipersStaff
Steven Jones Garland Green GryphonsPlayer
carl frow Impberon Starcraft VipersPlayer
Stacy Lovage Blaiddwyn Von Charlemagne VipersPlayer
Tom Harrison Mandu VipersPlayer
Ben Price Trip Hazard VipersPlayer
Suze Ward Trude VipersPlayer
Tom Platts Kloooooos VipersPlayer
Mark Southerd Some Guy VipersStaff
Kelly Dove Freya von dorf VipersPlayer
Marcus Stables Marcai von Dorf VipersPlayer
Jonathan Hutchins Stuka VipersPlayer
Keiron Tonge Nevyn VipersPlayer
Jenny Lewis Creosa Cerebelli VipersPlayer
Gemma Dale Si'ren VipersStaff
Jason Garfitt Verbrand VipersPlayer
Emily willmore Birch VipersPlayer
Scott Thayer some chump JackalsMonster
Matthew Roe Cornelius VipersPlayer
Gemma Finnigan Burnscar JackalsPlayer
gareth shaw Big and Clever VipersPlayer
Damian Knapp Frosty Starcraft VipersPlayer
Lloyd Williamson Monster baddie Non-FactionMonster
Martin Ashton Shard JackalsMonster
Kerrie Ashton Turkish JackalsStaff
Daniel Roberts Not Guilty VipersPlayer
Kevin McLaughlin Douchebag VipersPlayer
John Keech Lurks At Dusk VipersMonster
james mellows Dunan VipersPlayer
Matthew Colclough Nish VipersPlayer
Alice Price Caitlyn VipersStaff
Tom Fisher Konstantin Valanos VipersPlayer
Gemma Wingate-Bishop Demra VipersPlayer
Rebecca Butterworth Ana VipersPlayer
Kyle Filson Zai VipersPlayer
john miles Baeddan GryphonsMonster
Michael Robinson Smoke on Wind VipersPlayer
Phillip Humfrey Madeen DragonsMonster
Brian Roberts Adamu LionsMonster
Matthew Lang Llewellyn VipersPlayer
Gareth McVeigh Tree VipersPlayer
Andy McDonald Laszlo von Saponatheim JackalsMonster
Adam Daniel Webster Scorpio GryphonsMonster
Kelly Barker Tommy JackalsMonster
Dave Ewan Lord Mountain VipersPlayer
Edward Nokes Rottentail JackalsPlayer
Maverick Robbins SmashFace JackalsPlayer
Tracy Selby Alyssa Non-FactionStaff
Andrew Forrest Ishtar Non-FactionMonster
Laura Keech Dreams of Winter VipersMonster
Tim Lewis Stavros Eranti VipersStaff
Scott Hooper-Jones Monster
Daniel Robinson Monster
Scott Marshallsay Staff
Eddy Hughes Monster
Rebecca Chapman Monster
Dominic Steeley Monster
David Shaw Staff
Ross Gill Monster

9 Staff, 18 Monsters, 32 Players. (59 total)

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