Event Details - Riches Be Elemental 2 - Riches n Holes

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Rumours of a second island "experiment" have fallen on Viper ears, the possibility of another untapped resource spawned from the Salvager that could be used to benefit the Nation and the Faction.

Event will run from the 30th March to 1st April in Rhydd Covert Scout Camp, Kidderminster.

Catering provided by the always delicious Pinman and his equally delicious food.

This is a camping only event, both IC and OOC camping will be available.

The people below have booked and paid for this event

OOC First NameOOC SurnameIC NameFactionBooking As
Steven Jones Garland Green GryphonsPlayer
carl frow Impberon Starcraft VipersPlayer
James Coulton Lucius VipersPlayer
Tom Harrison Mandu VipersStaff
Andy Hayman Hunts in Darkness VipersPlayer
Suze Ward Trude VipersPlayer
Richard Hornsby Durrin VipersPlayer
Mark Southerd some guy VipersStaff
Jonathan Hutchins Fith Von Kruger VipersPlayer
Keiron Tonge Nevyn VipersPlayer
Matthew Roe Cornelius VipersPlayer
Simon Appleby Blu VipersPlayer
James Adey Impeluki Starcraft VipersPlayer
Lloyd Williamson Monster baddie Non-FactionMonster
Craig Walker Chewyafaceoff VipersPlayer
Ruth Keattch Fia DragonsMonster
Matthew Strange Carl or something DragonsMonster
Amy Whitworth Impquiessence VipersPlayer
Kate Sayers The Damsel VipersPlayer
Gareth McVeigh Tree VipersPlayer
John Keech Lurks At Dusk VipersPlayer
Liam O'Dea Math VipersPlayer
Nick Swain Fynn VipersPlayer
Matthew Colclough Nish VipersPlayer
Charlotte Barratt The Appleseller VipersPlayer
Stephen Agg Woody VipersPlayer
Stephen McGreal Lester Starcraft VipersPlayer
Alan Ashcroft Gunter Trackland VipersStaff
Rebecca Butterworth Ana VipersPlayer
David Barnes Bad VipersPlayer
Kyle Filson Zai VipersPlayer
john miles Baeddan GryphonsMonster
Peter Godfrey The Shamana VipersPlayer
Kenneth Reay Kweethul UnicornsPlayer
Deklan Howells Crust Na Cucathlan DragonsMonster
Matthew Guthrie Matthieus UnicornsPlayer
Mervyn Dennison Mabon DragonsPlayer
Michael Robinson Smoke on Wind VipersPlayer
Christopher Goddard SID THE SLOTH VipersPlayer
Andy McDonald Laszlo von Saponatheim JackalsMonster
Kelly Barker Tommy JackalsMonster
Lucille Guthrie Saph Non-FactionPlayer
Dave Young Isambrand UnicornsPlayer
Tim Lewis Stavros Eranti VipersPlayer
Lee Pellington Skarmaw VipersPlayer
Martin Brookes The Immortal Champion of Destruction GryphonsMonster
Daniel Howe Sword VipersMonster
Tim Ludlow Monster
Rebecca Chapman Monster
John Oneill Monster
Katy Selby Monster
Benita Goad Monster
Adrian Waite Monster

3 Staff, 15 Monsters, 35 Players. (53 total)

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