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Event will run from the 05th to the 7th October at Fox Coverts Scout Camp, Leicestershire.

Catering provided by the always delicious Pinman and his equally delicious food.

This is a camping only event, both IC and OOC camping will be available.

The event will be sanctioned by the Lorien Trust, and will be played under the latest Lorien Trust rule set.

Please note, this event will have horror themes. If you have any questions regarding the themes used, please speak to a member of Viper Command.    

Any queries with booking, please don't hesitate to contact us @ viperplot@gmail.com

Player pack can be found here 

The people below have booked and paid for this event

OOC First NameOOC SurnameIC NameFactionBooking As
Robert Walker some tree VipersStaff
carl frow Impberon Starcraft VipersPlayer
James Coulton Lucius VipersStaff
Andy Hayman The Botanist VipersPlayer
Becky Whaley Sully VipersPlayer
Ben Price Trip Hazard VipersPlayer
Zak Dodds Wengu Von Dorf VipersPlayer
Suze Ward Trude VipersMonster
Tom Platts Kloooooos VipersMonster
Richard Hornsby Durrin VipersPlayer
Rebecca Johnson Adala VipersPlayer
Mark Southerd Some Guy VipersStaff
Douglas Fazzani Just Some Noob VipersMonster
Steve Nye Monde' VipersPlayer
Rose Southerd Atalanta JackalsStaff
Kelly Dove Freya von dorf VipersMonster
Jonathan Hutchins Stuka VipersMonster
Jenny Lewis Creosa Cerebelli VipersMonster
Lee Henderson Wabi-Sabi VipersPlayer
Jason Garfitt Verbrand VipersPlayer
Richard Mitchell Lord Pimpmobile GryphonsMonster
Gary Connell Mourganath of Mortis VipersPlayer
Scott Thayer some chump JackalsMonster
James Jones Bobbins Non-FactionPlayer
Matthew Roe Cornelius VipersStaff
Gemma Finnigan Burnscar JackalsPlayer
Simon Appleby Scooby Blu VipersPlayer
James Jackson Farron VipersPlayer
Adam Bailey Fred TarantulasMonster
gareth shaw Big and Clever VipersPlayer
Joe Sutton Unkle Shambles VipersPlayer
James Adey The Luckiest Gnome VipersPlayer
Richard Brown Sahr VipersPlayer
Nick Muir The healing hurricane DragonsPlayer
Ruth Keattch Josefina VipersPlayer
Matt Strange Dio VipersPlayer
Tom Harrison Some Rock VipersPlayer
Amy Whitworth Impquiessence VipersPlayer
Dave France Leorio VipersPlayer
Jenny 'bisto' Harrison $idney Tha Sloff! VipersStaff
Kate Sayers The Damsel VipersPlayer
William Blount Imptuun VipersPlayer
Simon Power Gonzalez the Nacho Salesman TarantulasPlayer
Jace Winter Kroe VipersMonster
Kevin McLaughlin Douchebag VipersPlayer
Sam Ebrahim Tooky Tooky UnicornsPlayer
John Keech Lurks At Dusk VipersPlayer
Charlotte Barratt The Appleseller VipersPlayer
Alice Price Caitlyn VipersStaff
Alexis Celnik The Beggar Prince BearsPlayer
Jonathan Clarke Cato VipersPlayer
Stephen Agg Woody VipersPlayer
Gemma Wingate-Bishop Demra VipersPlayer
Alan Ashcroft Gunter Trackland VipersStaff
Alex Bevan Twigg Spitter VipersMonster
Rachel Cook Elde Tepes VipersPlayer
Kyle Filson Zai VipersPlayer
James Lock Xiphon VipersStaff
Michael Robinson Smoke on Wind VipersPlayer
Patrick Vance Stalks VipersPlayer
Christopher Goddard The Firewood VipersPlayer
Gareth McVeigh Tree VipersPlayer
Shaun Pellington Goretayul VipersMonster
Edward Nokes Rottentail JackalsPlayer
Angus Campbell Mighty Anton VipersMonster
Jo Pryor Stesha of Mortis VipersPlayer
Louise Sears Pied piper VipersPlayer
Dave Young Some Orc UnicornsPlayer
Tim Lewis Stavros Eranti VipersPlayer
Tom Roe Elder Starcraft VipersPlayer
Dave Thompson The trickster VipersPlayer
Joe Jackson The White Knight VipersPlayer
Magnus Carr Split-Sack Firetail JackalsPlayer
Jason Wheatley Rith VipersPlayer
Victoria O'Connell Plague Whisker JackalsPlayer
Ryan Evans Gobbin JackalsMonster
Andrew Aleksiewicz Covfefe VipersPlayer
Thomas Skipper-Willmore Yens VipersPlayer
Laura North Sassy UnicornsPlayer
gareth morgan Carrion UnicornsPlayer
Alex Wainwright Dora UnicornsPlayer
Ellinor Orton Ta'Cibien Curervo VipersPlayer
Sean Veck Bonesore JackalsMonster
Jason McCullough Kuja VipersMonster
Anthony Derbyshire Lucan VipersMonster
Adele Cliffe Mixie VipersMonster
Anthony Dudden Cryptic McTaff JackalsMonster
Gwyn Teague Obakosey JackalsMonster
Ash Thompson Honey Badger JackalsMonster
Benita Lilley Merope JackalsMonster
Chris Leeming Alvin VipersMonster
Kimberley Leeming Penny VipersMonster
John Rogerson Grugni HartsMonster
Adam Stentiford Thrall Stonebane GryphonsMonster
Gabrielle Damant Raegan VipersMonster
Kelly Wainwright Monster
Scott Hooper-Jones Monster
toby osmond Monster
Steve Whittaker Staff
John Oneill Monster
Emma Neeson Monster

10 Staff, 32 Monsters, 59 Players. (101 total)

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