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This year the Nevetellen have graciously agreed to host the traditional winter gathering of Nicklemas.  

This is an LT Sanctioned one-night social event.

Tickets are £35 inc a 2-course meal, which is made of a main meal and dessert.  Full menu for making choices will be made available in the near future.

Will be held at:

Bean Gaming Cafe
22 Silver Street

The people below have booked and paid for this event

OOC First NameOOC SurnameIC NameFactionBooking As
Mark Southerd Leiden VipersStaff
Ben Price Trip Hazard VipersPlayer
David Shaw Ross HartsPlayer
Dave Thompson The Trickster VipersPlayer
Daniel Jones Forr VipersPlayer
Matthew Guthrie Matthieus Non-FactionStaff
Lucille Guthrie Saph HartsPlayer
Martin Evans Snowy VipersPlayer
Ryan Evans Gobbin DragonsPlayer
Dave Young Isambrand UnicornsPlayer
Roy Poulton Obed VipersPlayer
Xenia Poulton Domovoi VipersPlayer
David Miller Dirk Von Charlemagne VipersPlayer
Ben Herman Grettir VipersPlayer
Simon Yarwood Stalks VipersPlayer

2 Staff, 13 Players. (15 total)

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