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Full IC details for this event will follow shortly.

Viper Spring Campaign Event

Friday 27th March - Sunday 29th March 2020

This will be a High Combat/High Threat event for members of the Viper faction and allies.

We will be using the Wyldwood at Huntley Wood.

Address: Huntley Wood, Cheadle, Stoke-on-Trent ST10 2NS

From the Huntley Wood site it is advised that you check your directions from SatNav's against the directions listed on the website here: https://huntleywood.uk/visitor-information/map-directions

If you require a refund please contact a member of the team to arrange up to the date of March 7th 2020. After this date no refunds will be available. 

The people below have booked and paid for this event

OOC First NameOOC SurnameIC NameFactionBooking As
Mark Southerd Leiden VipersStaff
Robert Walker Jabber Woki VipersPlayer
Alice Price Caitlyn VipersStaff
Jonathan Hutchins Stuka VipersPlayer
Liam O'Dea Math VipersMonster
Samuel Ebrahim Thomas VipersMonster
Carl Frow Golgamoth VipersPlayer
Ben Price Trip Hazard VipersMonster
Jason McCullough Kuja VipersPlayer
Simon Appleby Blu VipersPlayer
Daniel Roberts Schlanger VipersPlayer
Ken Reay Still figuring that out Non-FactionMonster
Rhiannon-Fey Hill Myrtle VipersMonster
John Keech Lurks At Dusk VipersMonster
David Shaw The Sanctioning Officer Non-FactionStaff
John Miles Baeddan VipersPlayer
Matt Roe Cornelius VipersPlayer
Kelly Dove Freya Von dorf VipersStaff
Tom Harrison Rock with Googly Eyes VipersStaff
Jenny Harrison $idn3y VipersPlayer
Tom Dove Niklaus VipersPlayer
Shaun Pellington Goretayul VipersPlayer
Adele Cliffe Mixie VipersPlayer
Nick Muir Bort VipersMonster
James Adey Luckiest Gnome in Erdreja VipersMonster
Matt Strange Dio VipersMonster
Adam Bailey Spring VipersPlayer
Ruth Keattch Josefina VipersMonster
Dave France Leo VipersMonster
James Lock Sand VipersPlayer
Daniel Howe Hakar VipersPlayer
Becky Whaley Sully VipersMonster
James Coulton Lucius VipersPlayer
Richard Jeremiah Genos Non-FactionMonster
Gareth McVeigh Tree VipersPlayer
Joseph Sutton Pink Eye Fire Tail JackalsMonster
Kyle Filson Zai VipersMonster
Andrew Willoughby Nazboo VipersMonster
Zak Dodds Wengu VipersPlayer
Andy Hayman Hunt in Darkness VipersMonster
Charlotte Barratt Hag VipersMonster
Kathryn Selby Amber Darkendale VipersPlayer
Gareth Shaw Big & Clever VipersPlayer
Daniel Jones Forr VipersMonster
Martin Brookes Samael, Archon of Good VipersPlayer
Richard Mitchell Dragonslayer VipersPlayer
Christopher Goddard Zeref VipersPlayer
Katherine Bell Piff VipersPlayer
Lee Pellington Skarmaw VipersPlayer
Gemma Wingate-Bishop Voisin VipersPlayer
Mark Finney Skree VipersPlayer
Craig Walker Chewi VipersPlayer
Gabrielle Damant Raegan VipersPlayer
Matt Colclough Nish VipersPlayer
Jake Savige Onkar Tenebri VipersPlayer
Tom Roe Elder of the Walkers VipersPlayer
Harry Earle-Mundil Jdjdjd VipersPlayer
Alex Prestage Chattix Renfern VipersPlayer
Tim Lewis Stavros Eranti VipersPlayer
Dave Mazzocchi-Jones Senior Teddington VipersMonster
Iestyn Evans Achos DragonsMonster
Brian Roberts Puzzle LionsMonster
Alan Ashcroft Gunter Trackland VipersStaff
Keiron Tonge Nevyn VipersPlayer
Justine Flower 123 VipersMonster
Rose Southerd Monster

6 Staff, 24 Monsters, 36 Players. (66 total)

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